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How to prep for your Spray Tan

So your ready to book your spray tan & you reach out to me. First thing I do if your new is ask if you've had one before & then I hit you with my spray tan prep & aftercare info 😵‍💫😵‍💫😵‍💫😵‍💫

I warn you it looks like alot of info. Then you see it. It does come across as a lot to read BUT it's everything you need to know to get the best possible tan.

I want you to be familiar with what YOU need to do to get ready for and maintain your tan. This is a 50/50. I do my part & you have to do your part. Don't believe everything you Google. Those Tick Tock videos most are garbage unless put out by a Spray Tan Artist. Your mom, sister, cousin, or aunt's best friends cousin might have some good "tips" as to what to do but please just read & believe what I send!

Part of my responsibility is to ensure I've given you proper directions. So yes, I send you multiple paragraphs to read through but you now have all that info to refer back to!

We also at your appointment touch base & will discuss what to & not to do. You're able to ask all questions & check out all the retail products offered.

Spray Tan Prep-

Shower, shave, & exfoliate the NIGHT PRIOR to appointment & DO apply lotion afterwards. Use my recommended Norvell exfoliater (I retail in studio, visit my online shop to view all retail products I offer) or a body scrub. Make sure you scrub your entire body for a good, even exfoliation. Store bought tend to be oilier so make sure to rinse well afterwards. Please don't use loofas, they don't exfoliate evenly. If you tan too soon after shaving & showering, you risk your tan being streaky & may not develop to full potential!

If you wax normally, wax at least 2 days prior to your appt. Left over wax residue will block the absorption of the spray tan.

Don’t apply moisturizers, oils, perfume, or makeup to skin the DAY OF your tanning appointment. If coming after work & make up was worn leave on and remove here with spray friendly $2 wipe. Retinal products should be stopped preferably week prior to your spray. They can cause unevenness & peeling. Light deodorant application is fine.

Wear dark, loose, easily cleaned clothing, and loose footwear to your appointment and until your proper rinse time. (Wool, lycra, nylon, spandex, silk, rayon, leather may stain.) Bring an old swimsuit or undergarment to tan in. You may tan topless or nude if you prefer.  Men must wear undergarments or shorts.

Nail appointments need to be done prior to the spray appt, preferably 2 days before for the pedicure for best results.

If you have a sunburn, peeling, or sunburned in the last month please note-you should not spray with active or peeling burn, you won't be even. It accelerates peeling. Prior sunburned/peeled skin can show up uneven after being sprayed even if healed. It was damaged and is fresh new skin now so takes differently.


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