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From vacationers, pool party-goers, models and athletes alike, everyone wants to look toned and thin! The instant gratification that airbrush contouring provides is an absolute win-win for both the technician and client.

I spend approximately 30-45 minutes(10 for single sections) carefully contouring each section of the body in order to get their natural muscles to POP! From your face all the way down to your calves, I sketch every muscle line to enhance their appearance.

It isn’t a technique that is offered by many technicians and that in itself helps me stand apart from my competition.

This method enhances the tone, definition and look of the physique. Whether it be abs, arms, back, jaw line, cheek bones, legs, booty or the whole package, we add our unique touch to maximize the look of the spray tan. Contour Tan sessions cater to our growing demand of clients that need this service for professional use in Film, Print, Production and Stage, but not limited to! Anyone, any shape body can benefit from being contoured!

Full Body Contour-$30

One Area Contour

Face & Neck-$5

Shoulders & Back-$10

Chest & Arms-$10


Legs & glutes-$10