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Bridal Bouquet


Many brides are working spray tanning into the bridal planning. A Spray Tan only lasts a little over a week, but wedding pictures are for a lifetime. Therefore, you deserve to pamper your tanning needs for your special day.

I highly recommend brides to take advantage of my bridal package. A trial tan before your wedding will give an idea of what your tan will look like. Many of our brides use the package to their advantage and receive their first tan 2 days before engagement or bridal pictures & during the week of the fitting. Then you will know what your tan looks like in pictures and this way you can see your newly tanned skin against your white (or whatever color you choose, I won’t judge!) dress. Pay close attention to the color and how quickly it fades into the perfect bronze tan. If you like the color on a certain day let me know ahead of time. This way I can schedule you far enough in advance as needed for your wedding day. It’s also important to choose a color that won’t make your fiancé stand out in the wrong way. Your tan should complement their skin, so take a couple pictures together to make sure you don’t have “too much color”. We can even Spray Tan your fiancé so that they'll feel great and look healthy in those all-important wedding pictures!  

Tell your maid of honor, best man, and the rest of the bridal party (don't forget to mention to your mother's!) that you are getting a spray tan for your wedding. Hundreds of photos will be taken on your wedding day and you’ll be standing side by side with your wedding party. Just like with your partner, you do not want to have a tan that is too dark and makes you stick out from the rest of your party, so take advantage of my wedding packages & get everyone the perfect glow!

Want the ease of convenience? Upgrade to a Mobile Service. Please see Mobile pricing section for details.


    *Travel charge will apply to mobile services.

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