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Tanning options for Bodybuilders and Competitors

I understand that being a competitor in bodybuilding, bikini, figure, & fitness competitions means your needs are much different than that of a average tanner. This is why I use the #1 brand in sunless solutions. I've been hands-on trained and am Master Certified by Norvell's Master Certified Competition Spray Tan Trainer Ivy Potter. I've learned the process & products, sprayed competitors, attended seminars & have also read extensively on the art of it.


Satisfaction Guaranteed

Getting a spray tan is something that is unavoidable for competitors. It doesn’t matter if you’re an Irish or a African American person doing a bikini, figure, physique, or any other class; you simply cannot naturally achieve the color you need for the competition without a spray. The tan will enhance keys parts of your body to hide defects or aid in muscle definition. The right color can set you apart from the competitors.

The perfect tan can go a long way and is a highly considered factor by the judges! Don't risk using just "any" spray tanning company, self tanners or rollers to ruin your chance at first place. Book your tan with me and know your getting my full attention to detail while making the process quick and easy while making you as comfortable as possible.


Catered to your needs

Each competition spray I apply is started with my upgraded PH balancing prep spray, two coats of solution and light dusting of finishing powder ensuring the best color possible with a stick free finish. I offer several options, in-studio pre-show sprays, such as single sessions and touch-ups, or I can also be available for on-site sprays, accompanying you to your show. I'm super flexible so lets "Taylor" this tan to work the best for you!

Studio Competition Tan- $100

2 coats first session, 1 coat next day session, includes upgraded PH balancing spray & light powdering

Touch-up- Complimentary with tan purchase

Done in studio. Free spot & smudges touch up. Product & supplies to touch-up on your own will have a charge.

Travel to show- $150

Includes 2 coats of comp spray tan first session, 1 coat next day session, plus hands on assistance at show for any of your needs, touch ups, suit gluing, glossing, hype girl ect.

*Travel fees will apply roundtrip for mileage traveled at national rate.


Here For You

Each company has their own preferred way to apply a competition tan. My method is simple and easy. Nothing can fix improper prep & aftercare of the tan so please follow those instructions.

You will come in the day prior to your event and we will apply 2 full coats of color, preferably in the afternoon. Expect this to be a few hour process. The next day, day of the show, we can have you come in for another coat or touch-up. I can also be requested to travel to show with you and apply tan, aid in prepping to perform, or just or the moral support!!


Next Level Service

Q: Why should I choose Spray Tans By Taylor vs. store bought competition spray tanning product?

Spray/airbrush application will produce a fine mist of solution that will go on evenly, far superior to other application methods. I also have the years of experience applying spray tans so I know exactly how to perfect it. I will also give you helpful advice on how-to wear and maintain your tan throughout the competition.

Q: Is there anything I should do before getting my competition spray tan?

Just like with a everyday spray tan you must do the proper required prep. NO SUNBURN OR TAN LINES. If you fail to do so you are putting your tan and therefore your appearance at risk. Incorrect skin preparation can cause dark blotches, a green haze, or streaks on the tan. Please refer to the prep & aftercare section for full details.

Q: Can I just go to any tanning salon for my competition tan?

Competition tanning solution is different from the type of solutions that are used at tanning salons. Using the wrong type of solution will not produce a color that is dark enough under direct stage lighting. The proper application is also a must. I offer a full range of products to help you get the most out of your Competition Spray Tan. From touch up sprays to stage gloss.

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