Teeth Whitening

Natural, LED-Activated. Sensitivity Free

LED-activated teeth-whitening system. It's safe on enamel, protects gums, causes little to no-sensitivity, is a registered natural health product and on top of all that, it’s cost-effective. One SunnaSmile session is the equivalent in whitening power to 50 tubes of whitening toothpaste, 25 dental whitening syringes and 5 packages of strips!


Professinal Whitening Treatment

Studio Service $100

SunnaSmile users achieve an average of 3 tooth shades whiter!

We will determine what teeth shade you have right before your in-studio SunnaSmile treatment. Afterwards we will do the same.

The whitening gel works with our blue and red LED light technology to both remove stains while healing abrasions in the mouth making the client have a comfortable and effective whitening session.

In-Studio treatments take between 15-20 minutes to complete.

Add on a spray tan for only $25 when you recieve a whitening service!

Super Gel Professional Whitening Treatment

Studio Treatment $150
Touch-up Treatments $85

Super Gel is a stronger, more intense whitening treatment than the current Professional Whitening Treatment.  With the new brush application, the client can come in for multiple treatments while using the same pen. Any additional touch up treatments would require a touch up kit purchase $85

In-Studio treatments take between 15-20 minutes to complete.

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Advanced Home Whitening Kit


Watch as your stunning smile becomes instantly brighter from the comfort of your home. The Advanced Home Whitening Kit provides visible results in just 15 minutes. Stick with it for 5 days and you’ll take your teeth shades whiter. At this point you’ll feel like a celebrity, but we don’t leave you hanging there: you’ll also get a six-month supply of our aftercare to maintain that glowing grin of yours, plus a travel case to take it on-the-go.

The Advanced Home Whitening Kit is sensitivity-free, enamel-safe and includes the SunnaSmile Professional Strength Xyliprox gel and LED light. You can use the kit on it’s own at home preferably while you watch Netflix.

Pick up in-studio or order using my link to ship directly to you. http://bit.ly/2VuymzA

If you’re interested in booking contact me via call, text, email, or messaging through Facebook or Instagram

*prices subject to change at any time


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