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How to care for your Spray Tan

I want you to be familiar with what YOU need to do to get ready for and maintain

your tan. This is a 50/50. I do my part & you have to do your part. This is why prior to your appointment I send you a bunch of info & then go over the key points & answer all your questions at the time of your session.

Don't believe everything you Google. . Those Tick Tock videos most are garbage unless put out by a reputable Spray Tan Artist. Your mom, sister, cousin, or aunt's best friends cousin's mom might have some good "tips" as to what to do, but please just read & believe what send!

Part of my responsibility is to ensure I've given you proper directions. So yes, I send you multiple paragraphs to read through but you now have all that info to properly care for your sunless tan, and to refer back to!


Let your tan set for a MINIMUM of 8 hours, 12 to 16hrs is best, up to 24hrs for my "regular"/ "overnight" solution, ONLY 2 to 4hrs for the "rapid tan" before rinsing. This allows the proper time for your tan to develop. No sweating or getting wet while developing.

Wear loose fitting clothing until your first rinse. This includes sleeping in the solution, sleep in loose fitting long sleeves & pants. Don’t exercise heavily or get really sweaty in the first 24hrs after being sprayed. Your tan is fully developed at the 24hr mark, you may then exercise. Keep in mind sweat & friction are detrimental to your tan.

Your first shower should be a water only rinse, using soap on your tan in the first 24hrs stops its developing. Please use your hands to gently wash off the cosmetic bronzer, evenly rubbing everywhere. Use lukewarm water, and rinse until

water runs clear. Do not pee in shower, it can cause you to streak! Color wash off in the shower is normal: this is only the cosmetic bronzer.

At your following showers, wash with spray tan friendly products. Use your hands to wash with. Do NOT use Dove, or anything that says "renewing, regenerating, anti-aging,or anti-acne". The ingredients in them can lighten your tan. Sulfate-free and natural products are best & can be purchased at your appt. Victoria secret, bath body works & any highly scented soaps/lotions are not spray tan friendly. They can fade your color. Pat, don’t rub, skin dry.

Apply moisturizer twice or more a day for the best & longer lasting results. (after showering and before bed min.)  If you'd like, you can use a tan extending lotion every day or every other day. I retail a couple great options.

If you plan on doing any swimming, apply a waterproof sunblock to create a barrier. If a hot tub is in your plans, a spray tan may not be advisable for you at this time.


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