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The REAL & HONEST DO'S & DONT'S of Spray Tanning

Updated: Oct 18, 2023

So we've all read and/or have been told the proper aftercare of Spray Tanning, but what usually goes untold are the more how you could say awkward or more personal things that we're afraid to bring up!

I've compiled a few here that I think would be nice if it was easier to be more open to clients about:

First thing is clients cutting themselves down and/or apologizing for how they look. Stop!!! YOU are beautiful and need to stop being so hard on yourself. Dont worry for a single minute that your being judged! If your want to be sprayed naked, go naked! No need to be shy. This is for your YOU and making you feel your best!!!

Listen to your spray tan tech. I know hard to believe that with all our hands on & years of experience we might actually know what we're talking about! Dont get me wrong their probly is a fair share of techs who have no clue and give bad advice but thats why you did your research and went with a reputable business right?!! We only want you to get the best results, not only so you look great but because you are a walking, talking advertisement of our hard work! So please take to heart what we're tyring to convey to you when we give prep & aftercare instructions and advice. You cant believe everything you read on the internet.

Which brings me to my next point, dont let somones bad spray tan experience thwart you from ever trying one for yourself! Everyone skin is so different and following proper prep can make or break a great experience. So you tried and had a bad tan? Give it another shot but with another spray tan tech before your completely write it off!

Band-aids will always leave weird lines or darker spots from where they were adhered. The sticky changes skin texture and makes the skin absorb solution differently.

So your wait time is up and your ready to do your first warm water rinse. You pop in the shower, get under the warm water cascading down on you and think "I'm in the shower, I'm getting clean" so with the constant flow of water you pee. PLEASE DON'T. I don't wanna tell you how to live your life but in this instance you need to wait to pee in the shower until you've done the intial warm water rinse. GUYS I'M LOOKING RIGHT AT YOU! Well figuratively but you know your more guilty of this then women! You might be wondering why i care whats going on in there, believe me i really don't but the PH of the urine reacts with the PH of the DHA and stops the tanning process and will cause streaks wherever its came in contact with. We will know..... ya just can't fix pee streaks!

Since we're on the body fluid topic semen....

To each their own whatever your into i don't judge but if you like to have it on any parts of your body make sure to clean affected areas well prior to your spray, especially if same day. Also you must wait until after that first warm water rinse before "applying" anymore!

STOP TOUCHING YOURSELF!!! I get it you cant keep your hands off cause DAMN, you look good! Seriously though keep touching, rubbing, scratching of the skin to absolute minimum. It stains your palms & lightens or can cause uneveness. I understand at night it might be unavoidable but they do make gloves.....just an idea! The solution takes awkwardly to the palms of your hands and they almost always turn to a orangey color. So be mindful and keep hands off (this goes for hands that aren't attached to you too) till your first rinse.

A prettier example of how your hands turn out when you touch yourself!


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