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Vacations, Tanlines & Prom

📢 PSA- ANYONE SPRAYING FOR A DRESSIER OCCASION PLEASE READ 📢 What do these 3 things have to do with one another? This is the time of year many of you are heading to warmer destinations & will be soaking up some sunny warmth☀️. This could be your skin's first encounter with UV rays for the year potentially leading to sun burn and tan lines!

I'm here to as always advise the use of SPF/suncreen/sunblock to prevent getting burnt. This doesn't always prevent tan lines so that takes alittle more attention on your part. Why I'm mentioning this is if you burn your skin those spots usually always peel, no matter how minimal & even if they don't, are still damaged. That damaged and/or fresh new skin will take the spray tan differently from the rest of the body now, & even months from now (mark my words). Now add in tan lines to that scenario. Your smart watches are a big culprit of wrist lines. Spray tanning cannot erase tan lines. Best that can be done is to blend but they will still be visible. The darker area will always go darker in contrast to the lighter un tanned area.

So please keep this in mind for your prom, weddings, photo shoots or whatever it may be that your back, arms, chest & as always face will be showing in for the best spray tan result! . . . . #letsgetglowing #safesun #vacationmode #vacationvibes #vacationready #spraytantips #promdress #promtanning #spraytansbytaylor #ellsworthwi #wisconsinspraytanspecialist

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