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Will Spray Tanning harm my tattoos?

A tattoo can fade and become damaged from UV exposure, or UV Tanning. This makes spray tanning a terrific option for the tanned look, without concerns of tattoo damage.

Spray Tanning is a safe tanning choice for tattoos
Will spray tanning harm my tattoo?

The sunless tan (spray tan) does not “touch” or penetrate into the tattoo, so it cannot permanently alter the tattoo colors or inks. This is of course assuming the tattoo is fully healed with no openings or scabs.

Sunless tan products should not be applied to any tattoo until after 4 weeks of healing. Skin surface must be healed before application of any spray tan solution. No exceptions.

The tattoo should be fully healed, and have an even and “smooth to the touch” surface. It should not have any open wound areas, scabbing or peeling when being sprayed. A good rule of thumb is to only spray tattoos that are at least a month old.

Spraying a tattoo, still in the healing stage can permanently damage and mar the tattoo or contribute to inflammation or infection.

Spray tanning with temporarily darken the tattoo.Once the tan has exfoliated away, the tattoo will then return to its normal brightness.

Do your skin a favor and refresh your tanning routine to sunless! Your Tattoo Artist and skin will thank you! Wear a broad spectrum sunscreen (there is a difference in sunscreen and a sunblock) and apply 30 mins before exposure, if you must be out in the sun's UV rays, if nothing else on your tattoo-should be all over but hey I'm not your mother!

Spray tanning is a great tanning choice for tattooed skin
Keep your artist happy, go sunless!


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