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Necklace Pricing 14kt Gold & Rose Gold Filled

Necklace Pricing 14kt Gold & Rose Gold Filled

**Starting Price. $8/inch for additional length.


14k Gold Filled has a very thick layer of pure 14k gold which has been mechanically bonded to a base metal. Which makes it perfect for people with allergies or metal sensitivities. And it can be worn for a lifetime.


Gold-filled jewelry rarely tarnishes as all the gold content is at the surface and since gold doesnt tarnish, neither should gold filled. So you shouldn’t have to clean it very often. Tarnishing can happen under extreme circumstances (intense exposure to sulfide will do it). However, jewelry worn on the body often accumulates other grease and grime from normal wear. Follow my cleaning instructions for the best results.

  • Is gold-filled the same as gold-plated?

    No. Gold plating consists of a very small layer of solid gold applied to a brass base. The plating does not compose any measurable proportion of the product's total

  • Will gold-filled tarnish?

    Yes, under some circumstances. Gold-filled jewelry can last a lifetime if properly cared for. Use of lotions, sunscreens, perfumes or any harsh chemicals can cause gold-filled jewelry to tarnish or blacken over time. Should your gold-filled jewelry tarnish, cleaning with professional jewelry cleaner can restore some of the original shine.

  • Care Instructions

    With daily wear the environment, sweat, body oils, etc. can build up on the jewelry. We recommend a tried-and-true drop of Dawn dish soap, a little water and brush with a soft bristle brush, rinse, pat dry and buff with provided cloth. You can also use glass cleaner or professional jewelry cleaner.

  • 14 day warranty

    The lifespan of your jewelry will depend on lifestyle, activity level, job and other external factors. One thing to remember, like with most jewelry is to avoid high levels of chlorine or chemicals that can deteriorate the structure of the gold or silver. our chains are made with quality 14k solid, Gold filled and sterling silver, but still be mindful of what perfume's, body lotions or sprays you are using.
    Although our pieces are durable, they are not indestructible. Please use care and caution when wearing as you do with any jewelry. The daintier the chain, the more fragile it is.

    I will fix, re-weld, adjust and size down your chain & any clasp or jump ring issue up to 2 weeks after purchase, at no charge. This is your included warranty.  If you choose to add more links/charms, there will be a $15 weld fee + additional price of choosen chain. If a chain or charm is lost Spray Tans By Taylor LLC will offer a 15% discount on the purchase of another chain only up to 3 months from original purchase. $15 re-weld fee + cost of charm still applies to lost charms.

    Spray Tans By Taylor LLC is not in any way responsible for jewelry that is lost.

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