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Norvell Applicator Mitt

Norvell Applicator Mitt

-Easy, Even, Application: Use the applicator mitt for all self-tanning products. Easy to blend and apply lotions, sprays, mousses, and serums to all areas of the body.


-Multiple Uses: Machine washable and reusable


Streak-Free Tan: Easily apply all your favorite tanning products without worrying about tan hands.


-No Mess, Easy Application: No more messy applications. Just a beautiful streak-free tan that’s sure to boost your confidence in applying self-tanning products evenly



  • How To Use-


    Apply self-tanning product according to directions.

    Use mitt to apply and blend evenly.

    Care: Hand wash or machine wash gently with mild detergent. Let air dry. Do not expose to direct heat.

    Do not bleach.

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