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Norvell Vivid Amplify pH Equalizing Spray

Norvell Vivid Amplify pH Equalizing Spray

Pre-Tan Skin Primer: Prime and balance the skin’s pH for maximum sunless tanning results.


pH Skin Balancing: Formulated to equalize pH levels, this product alienates orange and sets the tone for a brilliant bronze.


Blend of Botanicals: This combination of botanicals is a powerful dose of anti-oxidants that help protect and renew the skin for a lasting, stunning tan.

-Key Ingredients
Watermelon Botanicals to help improve the appearance of skin and reduce redness
Cranberry Botanicals to help combat free radicals and moisturize the skin
Tomato Botanicals to help prevent signs of aging and revive the skins glow

-Scent: Vanilla Summer



Just prior to sunless application, spray generously over entire area to be tanned.

Gently rub into skin.

Safe to proceed immediately with sunless tan application while skin is still damp.

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