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Can I Get A Spray Tan while Pregnant?

Pregnant or nursing women should consult their physician. Spray tanning is not normally contraindicated, when a mask or nose filters are used. The FDA recommends that you use nose filters, lip protection, protective undergarments and are available upon request.

Each pregnancy is special and goes differently for everyone. While there aren't enough studies to show that spray tanning while pregnant is safe, it is thought to be a much safer alternative to UV tanning, as studies have shown tanning beds can have a harmful effect on a developing fetus because of the intense heat.

Since the DHA affects the first layer of the skin only, the sugar-based chemical is not absorbed into the body and cannot reach the fetus. Thus it should be safe to use as long as the chemical does not penetrate the skin and as long as absorption does not occur. Because skin can be more sensitive during pregnancy and your hormones are elevated, be sure to test spray a small area of skin prior to tanning the entire body. Also for these reasons it is recommended to wait until after the first trimester.

With the OK from your doctor go ahead and have a spray tan and give yourself a feel good boost during your pregnancy. You deserve it! xoxoxo



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