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Should you spray tan if you have black skin?

You may be wondering if there even is such a thing as spray tanning for black skin. The answer is: absolutely yes! Dark-skinned girls like to feel pretty, too.

Tanned skin makes you more beautiful, no matter what your base skin shade is.

Tanned skin gives you a radiant glow, evens out your skin tone, and hides imperfections (camouflages scars and blemishes). Needless to say, dark skin also requires additional UV protection and should be exposed to sunlight in only moderate amounts. Spray tan is a perfect solution for black skin and the safest tanning method which will not damage the skin.

When it comes to tanning for black people, it's not about looking darker - it is all about the glow. It is about the healthy radiant shine and the confidence that comes along with the tan.

The biggest challenge is finding the right shade. All you need to do is research or consult your Spray Tan Artist to find the right shade for your skin tone. That is the one and only challenge, everything else is all benefits.

Due to more melanin, dark skin even has the advantage when it comes to fake tan - it will not turn out orange. Still, the right shade is important because you want to achieve that seemingly natural look, which enhances your beauty.

Whether you decide to go to a salon or use a self-tanner for black skin, with the right shade your skin will get the shine, your definition will stand out, and the imperfections will minimize.



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